Michigan FOP

State Lodge of Michigan Fraternal Order of Police

About Us

The Michigan Fraternal Order of Police is proud to be Michigan’s oldest and most respected law enforcement organization. Our professional membership represents all areas of law enforcement throughout the State of Michigan. The members of the Michigan Fraternal Order of Police stand ready to protect and defend the freedom and safety that you, your family and the community where you live, worked so hard to achieve.

To serve and protect continues to be our goal. However, as you know, the job of a police officer has never been more difficult. Officers are being assaulted and murdered because of their chosen profession. We also know that the overwhelming majority of the citizens we serve respect and appreciate what we do. You have an opportunity to show that support by becoming a Michigan FOP Booster.

Contribution packages range from $20 for our FOP Booster, $40 for our VIP booster and our highest level at $60 for Gold VIP Booster. In each case additional Booster stickers can be purchased for $5.

Although we are a non-profit organization, contributions are not tax deductible. It is important to know that one hundred percent of all contributions go to support the Michigan Fraternal Order of Police and is used for advocacy, continued training, and line of duty death benefits just to name a few.

Your support is very important and greatly appreciated. Take this opportunity to show your community pride and support by joining the Michigan Fraternal Order of Police Booster Program.